Jumat, 02 November 2012

More Productive?

Who would have thought having a bay would have caused me to be more productive.  For the past two days our miracle has slept for 5 straight hours at night and wakes up about 5am for a feeding!!  Apparently this suits me.  I feed her until about 6-something then I am up and at it.

Yesterday I got more cleaning done in one day than I have ever gotten done, unless there are in-laws coming over.  Today I have already marked 4 things off my to-do list and it is not even noon.  To be honest I m a bit of a procrastinator .  I will wait util the last possible part of the day to get stuff done.  I kind of thrive on cutting it close on deadlines, that is how I ace all my papers for school.

It was as if as soon as the blues left me (again) I got a burst of energy and wake with a purpose.  I have a new desire to organize things and to have everything done early rather than later.  Maybe 5 hours of sleep suits me, maybe all this time I was oversleeping (not a far fetched idea lately). Of course it could be just a phase and I will be back to my unorganized procrastinating self again very soon.

Side note: I am extremely excited that in 12 days I will hopefully be released to workout again!! My back needs it.  My body needs it. My mental health needs it. I want to fit into my jeans again!  Keep your fingers crossed for  me that she doesn't make me go to 8 weeks n restrictions.  If so i may go insane.