Kamis, 13 November 2014

Tiga Panduan Berhasil Bos Garuda Food

Memulai usaha di umur sangatlah belia, Chairman Garuda Food Shudamek AWS saat ini berhasil mengelola bisnis. Kuncinya ada di tiga hal paling utama.
Waktu jadi pembicara dalam Tanoto Entrepreneurship Series, Damek -begitu sapaan akrabnya- share rahasia berhasil yg dirangkum dalam materi bertema " Becoming Winning Entrepreneurs (Through Learning Culture) ".

" Waktu bakal membangun suatu bisnis, butuh camkan tiga hal. Namun saat sebelum itu butuh diingat bila bisnis tidak cuma periode pendek, namun selanggeng mungkin saja, jadi dapat memberi peran untuk beberapa orang, " ungkap Damek.

Jika dengan terlebih dulu diawali pemikiran seperti itu, lanjutnya, ada tiga hal yang perlu di perhatikan oleh calon entrepreneur. Pertama, membuat trik. Karena tanpa ada trik, tiap tiap orang cuma dapat jadi pemimpi. Strategi tanpa ada taktik yaitu rute paling lamban.
" Kedua, bisnis yaitu perihal orang ; serta ketiga, operasional. Itu yang perlu di perhatikan bila pengin jalan, " tuturnya.

Damek memberikan, ketiga hal itu mesti dilengkapi tindakan riil untuk dapat sukses. Karena, rencana tanpa ada tindakan cuma selesai pada angan-angan.

" Pada akhirnya juga pada eksekusi. Strategi 1 % serta bekasnya 99 % yaitu tindakan. Keduanya perlu, cocokkan konsentrasi. Tak ada entrepreneur berhasil cuma dengan berandai-andai pada rencana. Dapat buka usaha dibidang konsultan, " urai Damek.

Selasa, 07 Januari 2014

6 weeks

In 6 weeks our lives will change forever, ok they already kind of have but they will really change then. 
On February 15th 2012, I went to the Dr. and discovered it was not the flu side lining me for a week.  It was the 9 month flu.  Sure not a big deal for some, maybe not for many.  But for us it was and still is.  I have been told for all my adult life I had less than a 1% chance of ever having kids.  I adjusted to that early on, Dan knew this 10 years ago when we met. (I had learned to disclose this information early on in relationships to save myself the heartache).  We had always said (usually in late night tipsy “deep” conversations) that if it ever happened we would deal with it and be happy and we wouldn’t’ go out of our way to not get pregnant yet not take any steps to get pregnant.  But neither of us ever thought it would happen.  You know the saying “If it is meant to be it will be”, yeah we assigned it to this and never examined it further.
Dan, my wonderful, wonderful Dan, took the news in stride.  Consoled his crying girlfriend of 10 years told me it would be okay, looked stunned, and I sat there crying and nervous smiling while I watched so many emotions and thoughts go over his face.  He then had to leave for an errand and I decided there was no way I could go to class, I mean who can concentrate on Physics when biology is throwing you for a loop.  When he returned, he had my engagement ring with him.  The man had already lined up proposing to me and still wanted to go through with that even with my news.  Amazing how in the time span of seriously 6 hours total your life changes.
So here we are, almost the end of August, 6 weeks to our estimated due date and excited as all heck! I have a huge belly, with stretch marks I love to look at and touch, I still jump at the feeling of her moving inside me and still wake up some days shocked this is not a dream. 
Dan and I have often wondered why in our ups and downs we always found our way back, why life threw us the pain and curve balls it did, why our hearts were broken by others to the point we thought we would forever be alone.  We now know it was to prepare us for each other.  Neither of us are perfect, and nothing worth having is easy so we have our ups and down (who doesn’t).  But we have a love between each other that has survived the healing and growing that has happened in 10 years.  And on top of getting to be with the man that takes me for who I am each day even at my worst we get to share our love with a beautiful baby girl!
So many thoughts run through my head daily.  What will she look like? Will she have red hair? Will her hair curl like his when it starts to grow out?  Will she love to laugh as much as we do?  Will she play soccer (please oh please say yes).  Can I do this???  The only answer I know for sure is that yes I can do this.  Come hell or high water this little girl will grow up loved and protected.

Selasa, 03 September 2013

Our Miracle

On September 28th our little miracle was born.
Elektra Jean came into this world at a healthy 7 lbs 13.5 ounces and 21 inches long.  

*WARNING: this will be a bit of rambling cause that is how my mind is working now days*

She didn't come in the "normal" way, of course not, I am her momma.  Instead she was born via C-section.  The how and why will be a post for another day.  When I think of that moment they told me I still cry and this is a post of happiness not fears.

Dan was amazing the whole time.  Holding my hand when I couldn't sleep the night before, holding it as the contractions hit big time from the pitocin, telling me to stop trying to be superwoman and take the newbane and then the epidural. Staying with our baby while I was sewn up and then delivering her to me with a huge proud smile on his face.  He continues to tell me how proud he is of me everyday and if it is or was possible he almost seems to love me more (I don't think it is possible though ;) )

The moment I got to hold her everything was worth it, the pain of the epidural, the anxiety of the surgery, the contractions i tried to tough it through without meds.  What they say is true, you don't forget the pain you just don't care about it anymore.

One of the biggest shocks to me was the breast feeding.  I had already chosen to breast feed because of the health benefits but I was unsure if I would actually want to do it.  The first time I tried it my worries were gone.  I wanted to do this, I had to do this.

We had our struggles, as most do but I was bound and determined to do it.  I had one tearful breakdown in the hospital but we finally got her to feed with the help of a nipple shield.  We still need the nipple shield and I have to hand pump some to be sure I don't lose any supply but it is worth it.  Anything to give my baby girl what she needs.  The feeling/connection I get from breast feeding is more than I expected. I am unsure how to exactly describe it but I feel so motherly, so useful, so calm when I am feeding her.

There is so much love in this little apartment right now that it would fill up the grandest mansion out there.  I still look at her in awe that she is mine, that something so perfect, cute, beautiful and tiny came out of me.
 We actually did it.  
I am now one of those moms that post pics of her on FB doing nothing more than laying there but sorry friends you will deal with it or delete me or ignore me :) I refuse to stop sharing the little things she does that makes me melt over and over again.

Jumat, 02 November 2012

More Productive?

Who would have thought having a bay would have caused me to be more productive.  For the past two days our miracle has slept for 5 straight hours at night and wakes up about 5am for a feeding!!  Apparently this suits me.  I feed her until about 6-something then I am up and at it.

Yesterday I got more cleaning done in one day than I have ever gotten done, unless there are in-laws coming over.  Today I have already marked 4 things off my to-do list and it is not even noon.  To be honest I m a bit of a procrastinator .  I will wait util the last possible part of the day to get stuff done.  I kind of thrive on cutting it close on deadlines, that is how I ace all my papers for school.

It was as if as soon as the blues left me (again) I got a burst of energy and wake with a purpose.  I have a new desire to organize things and to have everything done early rather than later.  Maybe 5 hours of sleep suits me, maybe all this time I was oversleeping (not a far fetched idea lately). Of course it could be just a phase and I will be back to my unorganized procrastinating self again very soon.

Side note: I am extremely excited that in 12 days I will hopefully be released to workout again!! My back needs it.  My body needs it. My mental health needs it. I want to fit into my jeans again!  Keep your fingers crossed for  me that she doesn't make me go to 8 weeks n restrictions.  If so i may go insane.

Selasa, 06 September 2011

Freedom of religion

I was talking to a few fellow students at Wright State University the other and what i heard from them stuck with me and honestly made me feel disgusted.  I usually don't get involved with school politics or events but this drove me to write the following letter.  I would enjoy your input and this will hopefully be mailed off via email to the president of the university tomorrow.

Dear Mr. President,
I have been attending Wright State University for almost a year now and normally I just keep my nose to the grindstone and pay little attention to the politics or events that occur at the university.  That is until lately.  A few weeks ago I was talking to a fellow student who I will refer to as Jane.  We were talking about things we were going to do after class on one of the many 100 degree days and swimming came up.  I discovered that Jane has never been swimming due to her religious beliefs.  This amazed and shocked me.  I immediately came home and did some internet research on her Muslim religion and discovered that the women cannot swim in mixed company and even if it is just females they are still required to wear a modified swimsuit that meets their religious requirements.
Just this week I was talking again to Jane and another student of her religion, I will refer to her as Beth.  Beth, Jane and I were talking after a class and we were discussing the religious observance of Ramadan.  I discovered that they have to pray 5 times a day during this time period on top of the fasting that takes part during daylight hours.  I asked them if the prayer times conflicted with class times and they said it didn’t matter.  This confused me so I asked why.  What I heard next honestly appalls and disgusts me.  These two young ladies do not feel safe or comfortable enough to pray at school during this time. Instead they stress over not being able to pray until they get home and then do all the prayers they have missed as well as all the other things they have to do.  I understand that at times stress cannot be avoided but this seems one of those times it can be.  If I remember my history correctly people came to this country many years ago to escape religious persecution and here we are the descendants of those same people persecuting people of a religion different than what is believed to be standard.  I am not a devout Christian, nor am I any other specific religion but I do believe that each person has a right to worship who, where and how they want to without fear of being ridiculed or punished.  I served in the army once myself and one of the reasons I did this was to be available to protect this great country we have if I was needed.  Many people today are still out there protecting, being injured and even being killed to protect us here at home. 
What I am requesting in this letter is two things. First and most importantly I would like to see if there is an area facing East that can be set up during Ramadan (or even throughout the school year) for students like Jane and Beth to pray at so they and others of their religion can do so in peace and without fear.  Even if is something as simple as a curtained off area for them, similar to the curtain stands I have seen at The Hanger this summer to section off some tables. 
The second request I have may be a bit harder to do.  I was wondering if there is a way to set aside a few times a week for females of their Muslim religion to swim without breaking any of their religious laws.  Every person young and old should have the experience of swimming and being able to relax with others, especially those dealing with the stress of college.
I understand that the time since September 11th many people are afraid of the Muslim religion but we cannot let fear rule us and turn us against a whole religion.  To continue to allow those that are not dangerous to have to hide a part of themselves is only encouraging that fear and encouraging those that we are fighting against.
 Here at home we must do our part to protect our way of life while those that are giving their lives do their part.  One way to do this would be to continue to accept people for who they are not based on their religion, style of dress or skin color. If I was currently deployed I would not want to hear of people here in America living in fear of being persecuted for their religious beliefs.  The world is full of so many different religions that to pick one to be more supreme than the other would and is impossible.  Even in the U.S. we have religions that are accepted but restrict the way they dress and/or wear their hair: Pentecostal, Mormon, Amish and Jewish to name a few.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you can be of some help in helping make Jane, Beth and others like them feel more welcome at this college.

Natalie removed for identity reasons

Thanks for reading and I  look forward to your input, discussion or even hate comments ;)

First response to my letter

Hello Natalie,
As I was reading your letter I was thinking to myself "wow, this is great." And unfortunately, what you were saying is true. There are many of the Muslim females on campus who are afriad to pray on campus. We have tried several times to get a permanent prayer room for the Muslims on campus but we were always turned down. They said that since that first church was built on campus they made a new rule that no religious buildings or rooms could be designated after that. Although we do reserve a room for friday prayers during the school year, that does not seem to be enough because as you already know we pray 5 times a day. 
I remember when I was on campus I would go find a private corner, do my prayer, and then just be on my way. I realize that some girls are not comfortable doing that and we have tried many things to get this issue resolved. However, I really like your letter and I don't see any issues with it and it definetly won't hurt to try it again. As for how to get it to the president... I'm really not sure. I know an advisor in the college of business and I will tell him all about this issue and see what kind of advice he can give us on how to approach this issue. I will get back to you ASAP with what I find out. Thanks again so much for putting effort into your letter and actually caring enough to contact me. I will be sure to get some attention to this letter that it deserves.
Thanks again,
their name removed for identity