Selasa, 06 September 2011

First response to my letter

Hello Natalie,
As I was reading your letter I was thinking to myself "wow, this is great." And unfortunately, what you were saying is true. There are many of the Muslim females on campus who are afriad to pray on campus. We have tried several times to get a permanent prayer room for the Muslims on campus but we were always turned down. They said that since that first church was built on campus they made a new rule that no religious buildings or rooms could be designated after that. Although we do reserve a room for friday prayers during the school year, that does not seem to be enough because as you already know we pray 5 times a day. 
I remember when I was on campus I would go find a private corner, do my prayer, and then just be on my way. I realize that some girls are not comfortable doing that and we have tried many things to get this issue resolved. However, I really like your letter and I don't see any issues with it and it definetly won't hurt to try it again. As for how to get it to the president... I'm really not sure. I know an advisor in the college of business and I will tell him all about this issue and see what kind of advice he can give us on how to approach this issue. I will get back to you ASAP with what I find out. Thanks again so much for putting effort into your letter and actually caring enough to contact me. I will be sure to get some attention to this letter that it deserves.
Thanks again,
their name removed for identity

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